The power of a well-conceived digital marketing strategy lies in its ability to harness the synergies of multiple marketing channels. At RB, we know that the right strategy can grow your brand by getting your message to the people you want to reach.

To create a digital strategy unique to your business, our team will:

  • Evaluate your digital assets and current strategy by analyzing what you already have in place and what channels you should be using. We will even evaluate your internal resources and staffing, and together we can determine what parts of the digital strategy you can and want to manage internally. We will also look to see what integrations you have in place between your website, social media networks, internal databases and email campaign managers.
  • Help define and build an understanding of your digital marketing goals by listening to you and learning what you are trying to achieve with your marketing. We will also work with you to establish what target audience you should be trying to reach and how to reach them.
  • Construct a customized digital marketing plan that includes actionable items, which take advantage of organic and paid strategies. We can create content for you or enhance what you have, and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We will integrate the strategy into your current digital assets and ensure everything is mobile-friendly.
  • Optimize the content for search and consistently evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI). Digital marketing is fluid, and our team is constantly assessing what is working. If any part of the strategy starts to underperform, we will retool it.

Creating digital marketing strategies that reach more people more effectively – that’s what we do.

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