Content is the driver behind successful marketing strategies

At RB, we know that developing exceptional content begins with our team getting to know you, your company and what you are trying to achieve with your marketing strategy. Only after we have those conversations can we create content that truly reflects your brand and voice.

We will ask difficult questions. What expertise do you have, and do you think you are viewed as authoritative in the eyes of your target audience? What type of content do you think engages the people you want to reach? How is your message distinct from what is already out there?

RB will collaborate with you to explore and define these touchstones and then develop original content for your business that spans the entirety of the content continuum. We will lever that content and repurpose it across many different marketing channels.

We will convey your story, and not only help you build an audience, but create content that will reach and engage them.

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Content Continuum


Example: Social media

  • Quick
  • Can be curated content
  • Real time
  • A means to push out Middleweight and Heavyweight content
  • Can fill the gap in-between Middleweight and Heavyweight content
  • Often not searchable
  • Can present Middleweight or Heavyweight content to a new audience in a different way


Example: infographics, blogs, question and answer (Q&A) series, microburst videos, surveys, email campaigns, cinemagraphs

  • More substantive content
  • Can be time-consuming to produce
  • Can show expertise in a field
  • Does not have to be real time


Example: webinars, case studies, white papers, e-books, explainer videos, lengthier videos, brochures

  • Content which requires time and mindfulness
  • Often expensive to create
  • May need art direction
  • Evergreen, if successful
  • Establishes thought leadership